Proprietary Estoppel

Guildford Chambers specialist property barristers, located in Guildford and London, can assist with advice, claims drafting and representation in cases involving Proprietary Estoppel.

Proprietary estoppel is a remedy available to the court in the exercise of its equitable jurisdiction. It is a means by which the strict application of legal principles may be overborne when it would be unconscionable not to do so. It is apparent from this that the claim or defence requires careful thought and preparation if it is to enjoy chances of success. Consideration of an estoppel may arise as a possible defence in cases, but it is closely dependent on the facts. An early appraisal of the prospects with one of our property barristers can inform tactics and assist the client.

Guildford Chambers property barristers can:

  • Assist with urgent applications and including injunctions
  • Advise on prospects of a claim, in conference or in writing
  • Draft pleadings, statements of claim, defences, applications, witness statements
  • Assist in mediations, negotiations and settlements
  • Appear in hearings and trials in claims for proprietary estoppel

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