Misrepresentation, rescission, specific performance and other remedies

Guildford Chambers specialist property barristers can assist with advice, claims drafting and representation in cases involving misrepresentation, rescission, specific performance and other remedies.

The exercise by the court of its power to order certain remedies often involves application of equitable principles, turning on the facts of the case.  In terms of tactics, it is helpful to have advice as to the likely attitude of the court to the exercise of its discretion.  Alternatively, advice can be given on the evidence that is required, or should be sought, in a particular case.

Guildford Chambers property barristers can:

  • Assist with urgent applications and including injunctions
  • Advise on prospects of a claim, in conference or in writing
  • Draft pleadings, statements of claim, defences, applications, witness statements
  • Assist in mediations, negotiations and settlements
  • Appear in hearings and trials in claims for misrepresentation, rescission or specific performance

Guildford Chambers offers specialist property barristers at all levels of seniority with expertise in real property cases. Our property barristers, located in Guildford and London, regularly appear in courts and tribunals in Surrey, Berkshire and the Home Counties.

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