Breach of Covenant and Enforcement Issues

Guildford Chambers property barristers, located in Guildford and London,  can assist with advice, claims drafting and representation in cases involving breaches of covenant and enforcement issues.

We appreciate that such cases can often require immediate action and our property barristers are available to provide urgent advice, as well as drafting and appearing in urgent applications. With our convenient location in the heart of Surrey, we are well-placed for conferences and also for a site view: so often a site view allows a full appreciation of the issues.

The transmission of covenants and their potential enforcement is a rich source of work for Chambers. The existence of time-worn restrictions on the use of property, which can impede modern-day use, or alternatively protect peace and tranquillity, are of real importance to our clients.

Guildford Chambers’ property barristers can advise and assist with:

  • the difficulty of enforcement of positive covenants
  • the effect and removal of restrictive covenants
  • obtaining urgent relief by injunction
  • enforcement against successors in title
  • modification or release of covenants

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