Adverse Possession and Boundary Disputes

Guildford Chambers offers specialist property barristers at all levels of seniority with expertise in real property cases. Our property barristers, located in Guildford and London, regularly appear in courts and tribunals in Surrey, Berkshire and the Home Counties. We can assist with advice, claims drafting and representation in cases involving Adverse Possession and Boundary Disputes.

Adverse Possession has undergone significant change, with the coming into force of the Land Registration Act 2002, on 13 October 2003. Since the former law concerned the limitation of actions following inactivity by the property owner for 12 years or more, but the new Act applies different considerations, and over a 10 year period, claims for Adverse Possession can be complex and are worthy of detailed advice and consideration.

A boundary dispute requires attention to detail. Our property barristers can advise on the preparation of the case and the obtaining of expert reports to prepare and present a case. We can provide written advice, draft pleadings, prepare defences, and advise on the gathering of evidence and witness statements. We can advise and assist in mediations and provide representation at any trial, should this prove necessary.

We appreciate that such cases can often require immediate action and our property barristers are available to provide urgent advice, as well as drafting and appearing in urgent applications.

With our convenient base in Guildford, our property barristers are ideally located to be on hand to hold conferences, or for a site view. A site view is often key to gaining an appreciation of the issues.

Guildford Chambers property barristers can:

  • Assist with urgent applications and including injunctions
  • Advise on prospects of a claim, in conference or in writing
  • Draft pleadings, statements of claim, defences, applications, witness statements
  • Assist in mediations, negotiations and settlements
  • Appear in hearings and trials in claims for adverse possession and boundary disputes

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