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Ashley Bowes to Appear in Sweet & Maxwell’s Public Law Journal

Posted on 22nd January 2014

Ashley Bowes, together with City University’s Dr John Stanton are to appear in a forthcoming edition this year of Sweet & Maxwell’s Public Law journal analysing the new general power of competence for local authorities.

The new power, which was enacted at s.1 Localism Act 2011, enables local councils to do “anything an individual may do”. On its face, it presents a new settlement for local authority power.

The article goes on; however, to analyse the “boundaries” and “limitations” on the use of the power, detailed throughout Chapter 1, Part I of the Act, and analyses the early case law.

Ashley Bowes is a pupil barrister specialising in local government law.

Dr John Stanton is a lecturer in public law at City University London.