Restitution is a developing and complex area of law that has in recent years benefited greatly from some outstanding academic contributions. However, due to its fairly recent recognition, there is still a plethora of academic debate as this area of law continues to evolve and Guildford Chambers specialist Barristers can assist in navigating this difficult area.

Our Barristers have experience in all areas of restitution and have represented clients in the High Court and the County Court in claims for:

  • restitution for unjust enrichment;
  • restitution for wrongs; and
  • proprietary restitution.

We accept instructions from solicitors and direct access instructions in this area and members of chambers can be instructed to:

  • Provide advice in writing or in conference
  • Draft statements of case
  • Provide representation at mediations
  • Provide Court representation at interim hearings and trial

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